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Strength of a Bear Challenge


Earn a special E-badge and a real life Medal too! There are several bear species native to Japan, the Ussuri Brown Bear and the Black Bear. The Ussuri bear can be over 2m tall and 400kg, that is about the weight of 5 of our adult black belts! Pick one of these challenges to complete or design your own: Strength Challenges for Juniors Complete 100 quality press ups Complete the Sally Up Challenge Complete a 100m duck walk or triple current distance Strength Challenges for Adults 5K Tire Drag Increase weight lifted by 30% Complete 100 press ups and sit ups for 30 days Or Something different? Strength is not just about lifting weights, its strength inside that counts too. What would challenge your inner strength, to raise money for others, take part in a zoom call (or another zoom quiz!) or do something that makes you scared or anxious. Last year Charlie did 24 Katas for 24 days. Could you do something like this? Do you have the inner strength to plan your own charity challenge and raise money for others? Once you complete your challenge, remember to let us know and we will award you your medal in your lesson.

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