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our Lessons

We have a range of karate lessons that run on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5.30pm.  Our youngest members are 3.5 years old and our more experienced members are retired!  We believe that karate is for everyone and enjoy the achievements of all our members.

Our karate lessons include:

- juniors 

- adults

- juniors with additional needs

- adults with additional needs

We offer a 4 week free trial for all new members - to book this please contact us.


Junior Lessons

Karate is a great activity for children - it not only helps develop fitness but also confidence, determination and resilience.  

We teach our juniors in age and grade categories to ensure each child receives age-appropriate teaching.  We have 10 different lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, please contact us to discuss the best lesson for your child.

We have a range of challenges our students can work towards including our weekly Karate Target Pack, monthly badges and our longer-term Spirit Challenge.  

We are proud to have many families train with us and it's not uncommon to see the older siblings volunteering as junior instructors in our younger lessons.  

Additional Needs

We believe karate is suitable for all and have specialist lessons for children (Tuesday 7pm) and adults (Tuesday 7.45pm) with additional needs.  We have a number of assistant instructors who support these lessons and can provide small group teaching and 1-2-1 support.  

Our first children in this lesson earned their black belts in 2016 and we are proud to have welcomed more black belt adults and juniors since.  

Adult lessons

You're never too old to learn!  Many of our adults start after seeing their children enjoying our lessons and thrive in our adult-only lessons.  


Our adults train on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings at 8pm.  Our lessons are suitable for all ages and grades, from beginners through to senior black belts.  

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