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SEN Lessons

We do not believe in barriers

We believe anyone and everyone should be able to learn karate, no matter how old, how fit or with any learning or physical disability. 

We offer lessons for children and adults with special educational or other disabilities. 

Our lessons

Our SEN lessons are about building confidence. Led by Sensei Gillian with over 12 years experience of working with children and adults, our students are supported in their learning. We have assistant instructors who can give closer support. We are proud that many of our members in this class have been able to train with us and earn their black belt. That is because a black belt is about developing yourself and reaching your potential. 


Get in touch

Everybody is different, some members need the support that comes with a smaller group, other students benefit from a mainstream lesson. Get in touch and we can discuss the best place you or your child to train. We look forward to hearing from you.

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