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Please note: Please inform us of any cancellations by email. Refunds are not made on partial months of training.

Online programs

Learning Karate takes practice, not just in the dojo, but everyday. We know it can be hard to practice something when you can't remember it in the first place! That is why we have created our online programs. Whether you want to prepare for your grading, take on a fitness challenge or learn a new skill, we have a FREE program for you. 

For our juniors, we have our merit badge scheme, just like scouts where children can work towards badges to demonstrate different skills. The small cost of these covers the badge.

Price plans

If you want to train more, take advantage of discounted extra lessons. Or if you are a new member, then please pick a price plan for your lesson fees. New members require a starter pack (from our store) and termly fees (from the price plan menu)

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