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Your Instructors

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Daniel Rose

Senior Instructor

Daniel Rose 5th Dan

Daniel launched the club in 2000.  He started training with the KSKC at the age of 7 after watching the Karate Kid and hasn't looked back since!  Daniel's lessons merge his traditional background with novel teaching methods to create fun and dynamic lessons.   Daniel has developed Kick Punch Run, a tough outdoor workout. 


  • 5th Dan Black belt


DBS Cleared

Child Protection

KSKC Senior Karate instructor

Former Advanced Skills teacher and currently Head of Science

Gillian Rose

Senior Instructor

Gillian Rose 4th Dan

Gillian has led the way in developing lessons for children and adults with special educational needs, helping to remove barriers and let every member achieve their potential. Gillian also developed K-beatz, a martial arts fitness class. Gillian teaches all ages, but  is usually the friendly face our youngest members first meet!


  • 4th Dan Black belt


First aid at Work

DBS Cleared

KSKC Senior Karate instructor

Child Protection

Associate Professor Teaching & Learning University of Reading

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Our team

Silwood Park Karate is a family-run, family-oriented club.  Sensei Daniel and Sensei Gillian are supported by a team of valuable volunteers who help to provide 1-2-1 and small group teaching.

Sensei Nicky 

Nicky works closely with Sensei Gillian, providing support in lesson for adults with additional needs.  She is also fluent in sign language and does an excellent job at translating karate into BSL.  Nicky started training after watching her son and achieved her 2nd Dan in November 2021.

Sensei Robert

Robert provides support in our additional needs lessons.  He provides 1-2-1 support, particularly for learning higher grade katas.  Robert also started training after watching his sons and achieved his 2nd Dan in November 2021.


Junior Instructors

We have a number of junior instructors who provide 1-2-1 support within lessons.    

Sensei Evelyne

Evelyne is a natural teacher and instantly knows who needs extra support in lessons.  She provides discrete support by acting as a role model, positioning herself close to students who need reassurance.  Evelyne is excellent at kata and provides 1-2-1 and small group teaching.  Evelyne started training when she was 5 and achieved her 1st Dan in December 2020.

Sensei Bella

Bella is amazing with children who are shy and need extra support to join in.  She provides 1-2-1 teaching, often outside the lesson and usually involving parents, building up confidence and seamlessly supporting transition to the main classes.  Bella started training when she was 4 and achieved her 1st Dan in November 2021.

Sensei Ynette

Ynette supports our younger lesson and offers 1-2-1 and small group teaching in kata and combinations.  She's also excellent at maths and is great at counting up the Birthday Pressup number each week!

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