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Our goal is run a positive child centred karate club. Our members are at the heart of our club, how we support, how we teach and how we listen is single greatest aspect of protecting children's needs.

We want all students to:

  1.  have the right to participate

  2.  have the right to be heard

  3. to reach their potential but to train within their ability

We take our responsibility in protecting children from harm seriously, both within and outside of the club. 

We will always listen to the concerns of both our children and parents.

Our welfare officer is Daniel and you can always bring your concerns to me. 

It is important that you can raise any concern, even about myself. In this situation, you should contact the KSKC lead safeguarding officer - Mel Kirk. 

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Physical contact in Karate

Karate is a contact sport and as such requires contact between participants and on occasion between instructor and student. 

We follow all guidelines with contact between adults and children from the NSPCC

physical-contact-young-people-sport-briefing-dec2021.pdf (

We minimize all physical contact with students but on occasion require volunteers to demonstrate moves, particularly with higher grades. Every child has the right to ask for no contact with instructors. 

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