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Grading June 29th At Wildridings


Please sign up for the grading when your Sensei lets you know you are ready.

Due to space only one family member is permitted to spectate.

Please read ALL the information below to avoid any problems on the day.

Black belts should use the separate shop item.

Please also read the information on the grading page of our website.


Save your experience with a video of the event, these are emailed to you for you to share with your family and friends in 2-3 weeks.

You can now select for a matching silicone wrist band.

These can be worn outside the dojo to show your grade.

One form can be used for all members - PLEASE ENSURE YOU Set quantity to 2 (or more)

Use discount code "FAMILY" to receive the discount on ADDITIONAL children only.

Please ensure you select the correct quantity of participants.


Go Green

If you would like to help us reduce our environmental impact, please select that you would like a recycled belt in the options below. If you are not happy with the belt we give out, we will swap it for a new one, no questions asked.


Times of the event -

9-11- (doors open at 8.55am) - Beginners, white belts with a red stripe, red belts with a white stripe, Blue, Red beltsYellow belts


11.30-2.30 - (doors open at 11.30am)  Green belts Purple belts- Brown belts +Black belts (use other shop item) Adults

Grading Saturday 29th June 2024

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